World Rally Championship

Experience what it is like to be a co-driver in a world championship rally car.

Experience the speed and handling from the co-driver's seat. From the German tarmac sections to the gravel tracks of Finland and the snow of Sweden and Monte Carlo, feel what it is like to be seated next to the world championship drivers in the top WRC rally cars

The WRC Simulator is licenced to use actual in-car footage of real WRC rally sections to bring you close to the action.

To find out what is it like to be part of the action, Hire us today!

Other Experiences

Apollo Leisure own and operate the WRC Simulator,  however we also supply;

Superbike Simulator
- World Superbike Championship motorcycle racing and Isle of Man TT

Aircraft - RAF Tornado, Royal Navy Harrier, F16 and Snowbirds (Canadian Airforce).

Winter Sports - Downhill skiing, bobsleigh etc.

CG Experience - From Slot car boogie to animate Scaletrix

Custom made - Experiences can be custom tailored your needs.
Either you or we can supply the video footage, and our in house motion programmer edits and adds the motion to it.